Custom Programs To Meet Your Distinct Needs

Nothing about Williamson Hospitality is cookie-cutter. We cater to each individual client, customizing all dining services to your needs and to the needs of your residents. From our initial operational assessment, where we will educate ourselves on your goals and objectives while evaluating your existing programs from our own perspective, to the ongoing support from our executive management and culinary teams, we continually monitor and evaluate programs to offer the best dining experiences possible at your facility.

A Unique Approach to Senior Dining

Williamson Hospitality today is a very unique company, perhaps the only one of its kind in the industry. The diversity of our experiences and growth, from celebrated local restaurant and caterer to our expansion into contract food service management to our 2007 merger with the CulinArt Group, has afforded us the ability to truly create modern dining programs for today's seniors. Our retail-minded, restaurant-style philosophy gives us a culinary and service edge. Our dedicated infrastructure also promotes customized marketing and communications campaigns, ongoing training and development of our staff with special concentration on food safety and sanitation, and a continual focus on health and well-being through recipe development, menu evaluation and interactive education for staff and residents.

Our Fiscally Responsible Approach

Regardless of what type of senior dining facility you are, we know that you must continually review and manage your food service budgets in an ever-changing marketplace. Increased costs, inflationary trends and the overall burden of maintaining costs must be balanced with your goal of providing quality meals and dietary programs. Williamson Hospitality partners with each and every client to assist in meeting their individual goals, both fiscally and operationally. We pride ourselves on our financial accountability and being a true business partner with each facility we serve. Time and again, Williamson Hospitality has successfully reduced food service costs and budgets while elevating the day-to-day dining programs for residents. Our client commendations truly do speak for themselves.

Superior Client Service with Proven Successes

Williamson Hospitality provides incomparable food service management expertise along with unparalleled, cost-effective, custom-designed dining programs for all varieties of healthcare facilities. We pride ourselves on our 100% account retention. Our tailored approach affords us the ability to not only meet and exceed the criteria of administrators, but improve the daily life experiences of residents. Our professionalism, personality and passion make us the senior dining services company of choice throughout the region.