Williamson Hospitality Services applies the same quality attention to menu creation and presentation whether the dining room serves an elite retirement community or a casual skilled nursing lunch room. Regardless of what type of senior dining facility you are, we know that you must continually review and manage your food service budgets in an ever-changing marketplace. Williamson Hospitality Services has the ability to help you in this process, due to our unique structure and operational approach. We understand that each community is unique, and have the ability to provide any or all of the following dining experiences:

Fine Dining

Our Fine Dining programs offer patrons exceptional food and service in an inviting atmosphere on par with fine a la carte restaurants. Tableside wait-staff handle all requests to ensure an enjoyable, comfortable experience. Our contemporary menu selections are elegantly crafted and make for a true restaurant-style dining event. Our chefs design menu offerings that are not only current and exceedingly appealing, but wholesome and nutritionally sound.

Casual Dining

Casual Dining often consists of buffet-style offerings and café/bistro selections. Our buffets are modern presentations of menu choices. With a myriad of offerings, residents enjoy building their entire meal exactly to their preferences. Likewise, our more intimate, informal cafés and bistros, beyond main dining rooms, provide cozy atmospheres where residents can gather and select pub-like deli sandwiches, paninis, burgers, salads or daily specials. All of our casual dining offerings have an emphasis on quality, freshness, and balanced nutrition.

Satellite Dining

Satellite Dining serves your meals in areas that may not be designated as a traditional dining setting. We utilize modern techniques and equipment to serve in an off-site dining area so that food stays fresh and residents still receive the restaurant-dining experience regardless of locale.

Anytime Dining

Anytime Dining allows residents to eat when they want, not at specified meal times. Our kitchens, dining rooms, and pantries are often open with extended hours to allow for a more relaxed, at-home dining experience. Without the constraints of timed meal periods, residents have the freedom and flexibility to eat at their own time and pace, which often leads to a more nutritionally-balanced intake as a whole.

Family-Style Dining

Reminiscent of meals at home with family and friends, our Family-Style Dining programs promote greater socialization and autonomy during meals. Residents enjoy this relaxed environment with platter-served food presentations that engage the entire table and make for a truly home-style experience.

Room Service Dining

With our Room Service Dining, residents are able to dine-in and exhibit a sense of control, making their dining experience more comfortable, restorative, and personal. It is just one more way Williamson Hospitality aims to provide today's residents with superior service and the power of choice.