A most sincere thank you for the elegant dinner party. We so enjoyed the evening. Thanks to all who made it such a lovely time.
- All of us on the 7th Floor,
St. Joseph Villa
It has been my pleasure to work for CulinArt and Williamson Hospitality for the last six years. I have had the opportunity to continue to expand my knowledge and to grow personally working with highly talented and professional individuals on a variety of levels. I have also enjoyed the support and resources from the corporate team. I look forward to continued growth with Williamson Hospitality.
- Erin Maher, Director of Dining Services,
Williamson Hospitality Services
When I took my position with Williamson Hospitality I not only got a job witha great company, but also got accepted into a caring family. From the day I was hired everyone, from my immediate coworkers to Williamson Hospitality executives, has welcomed me and made me feel like my work was truly valued.
- Jessica Borkosky, Dining Services Manager,
Williamson Hospitality Services
My experience working for Williamson has been great. From my first day with the company, I was very impressed with how they provided all of the tools and resources needed to be successful. Williamson provides excellent training and development for its employees and is quick to show appreciation for a job well done. I am proud to be part of the Williamson team.
- Karen Duckworth, Senior Director of Dining Services,
Williamson Hospitality Services
Working with Williamson Hospitality over the past three years has been a great experience for me. From day one, Williamson Hospitality has supplied me with all the necessary tools, resources, and support to be successful, and grow in my position. The quality and commitment to excellence permeates throughout this company, and I am proud to be part of the Williamson Hospitality team.
- Larry Di Maio, Director of Dining Services,
Williamson Hospitality
I want to thank you for all you have done to enhance culinary services here at St. Vincents. As I recall, it is a little over two years ago that we began the process of outsourcing what we called then the dietary department. At that time, we had a management contract with one of your major competitors. After reviewing three bids, especially from financial, quality of food and service viewpoints, WHS was by far the best and wisest choice. From my many years in University administration before coming to St. Vincents, I know there is usually a honeymoon period when a new food service provider takes over. Then after a few months, there seems to be little difference from the previous provider. It, however, is not my experience with WHS. While significantly reducing the overall operational cost, you have improved considerably and with consistency the quality of food, service and menu variety. You are having a significant impact on all of us. There is hardly a day that goes by that at least one of the residents does not let me know how happy they are to be here, how wonderful the food is and how much they feel cared for.
- Rev. Bernard M. Tracey, C.M., President,
St. Vincents Seminary
I could not be more appreciative of the opportunity that has been given to me and am extremely pleased with the support, guidance, and training that has been provided to me. Williamson Hospitality offers a wide variety of quality programs to every client and I am pleased to be part of its team.
- Robert S. Martin, Director of Dining Services,
Williamson Hospitality Services
[Thank you for not only] the uniquely gourmet dinner from field green salad to friendly gracious service, but [also for] the genuine hospitality that made everything wonderful!
- Sister Anne Marie Wood, Pastoral Care,
St. Joseph Villa
As we approach the completion of our first year of Food Service management by Williamson Hospitality Services, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for overseeing the smooth transition in dietary services that has taken place. As I look back over these past ten months, I am more convinced than ever that contracting with Williamson has not only improved the underlying quality of our food services; it has enhanced to a significant degree the total dining experience of the residents. May I mention a few specifics? The food committee has brought a much appreciated sense of collaboration to the residents as has the interaction of residents with the managers and those on the front line of food preparation. Transition from tray-service to family satellite dining has been a highlight for the sisters in the infirmary; they are delighted with the opportunity to choose alternate entrees and select their preferred portion size. The demonstration cooking both instructs and entertains residents and staff. From an administrative point of view, the oversight of our competent and extremely caring director and her two managers has brought me a sense of confidence in the total food service operation. I appreciate the opportunity to plan and evaluate together with them and get caught up in the excitement when special events are conceived and executed. We have been blessed with a wonderful blend of professionalism, personality and outstanding qualities of leadership. Williamson has always been a name trusted in the restaurant and catering business. What a gift to the institutions of the area that you have expanded to Hospitality Service. How fortunate is Camilla Hall to have been able to welcome you as a partner in our mission to serve our retired and infirm members with respect, dignity and compassion in providing for them the highest quality of care and service.
- Sister Anne Veronica Burrows, IHM, Administrator,
Camilla Hall Nursing Home
You have given us eleven years of faithful service. There is a quality and consistency to all the dining services performed. I personally appreciate the consistent effort placed on adherence to the budget. Your management team gives excellent corporate oversight to spending and personnel. The creativity shown on all promotions and theme meals deserves special mention. They are enjoyed by all.
- Sister Elizabeth Dawn Gear, Treasurer,
Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart
Words could never fully thank each of you as you truly deserve for all you have done for us that past Golden Jubilee Weekend. You did the top-of-the-line in all ways.
- Sister Jane Frances, Resident,
Camilla Hall
You may not realize it, but you all are very special. Your kindness brightens my days and is a source of joy. Nothing is too much for you and you all respond without hesitation to any request. I dont stop to put my thoughts into words often enough. I am very grateful to all of you in dietary.
- Sister Jean Margaret, OSF, Resident and Past Administrator,
The Assisi House
Thank you so much for all of the work to prepare a personalized pasta dish for each one of us on Wednesday evening. I just marveled at the organization and talent. We certainly were made to feel special. The professionalism and competence are very evident.
- Sister Joan Rica, Admissions,
St. Joseph Villa
Many, many thanks for our delicious supper for our Easter Sunday gathering.
- Sister John Joseph, LPN,
Camilla Hall
Thank you all for the extra effort put into our holiday meals!! Always just a little something extra or different, always delicious and so very attractive.
- Sister John Joseph, LPN,
Camilla Hall
Here I am again dropping off another note to you to let you know what a beautiful set of people we have working for us in our dining room here. I tell you, I have never met a finer set of people! They not only make eating a pleasure but they themselves are a pleasure to be with because of their attentiveness toward us all.
- Sister Mary Ann,
Sisters of Saint Francis Assisi House
The dinner on Friday was so very delicious, fit for a King and Queen. Please know [that] each of you have been remembered in my prayers. Thank you again, you are the greatest; we are blessed to have you.
- Sister Paul Catherine,
Camilla Hall
I thank each one of you for making my special birthday such a great day for me. I enjoyed every minute of it. You all make me feel very special and I am grateful.My thanks and gratitude for what you do for us each and every day. Your attention to our special needs and desires cannot be matched any where else.
- Sister Theodore Klingseisen, OSF, Resident,
The Assisi House
Youre terrific. Only one word is left for you allfantastic. The manner of serving our delicious (as it always is) lunch yesterday was most delicious, and of course, the contents given to us in our rooms was the results of you being there to supply it for us. What a gift to me to us -- to be a Queen for a day, thanks to your planning. To me it is very evident you all work well together.
- Sister Theresa Mary Mich, OSF, Resident,
The Assisi House
God has blessed us with your presence.
- Sister Virginia, Pastoral Care Ministry,
Camilla Hall
We knew that you were good but you really outdid yourselves this time. The food was scrumptious and out of this world. You all really know how to throw a party! You are worth your weight in gold. Dont ever leave us.
- The Good Nuns on the 5th floor,
St. Joseph Villa